Vegan Aebleskiver


Sean thinks he owns our kitchen and all the tools therein, but I, yes *I* have not only taken back the holy room of food preparation, I have taken over his web site as well! Mwahahahahahahaha!

Well, for today, anyway.

I have for you, gentle reader, a truly awesome Danish treat made vegan style. Read on, be amazed and drop us a line if you like/dislike/made improvements on the recipe. We vegan kitchen geeks gotta stick together!


Ingredients for the Basic Recipe

Special Equipment

Baked Tomato Sauce

It seems to me that every well-heeled garden eventually turns its caretakers into some semblance of Marge Piercy-ian Squash People, and the tomatoes, oh the tomatoes, how the the tomatoes do turn us ever into reverse beggars at the doors of friends and strangers, pleading for mercy that we might survive the night without drowning in our red, round, rubenesque rubies. Of course, we'd prepare and can them ourselves if only we had the time, right? Well worry no more, but give me a read and I'll let you in a quick little recipe to convert your burdonsome hoard into a delightful treasure with hardly any effort at all! Well... relatively little effort anyway. In my case, I also preserve the sauce for later use, which adds just a few more steps.

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