Be bold! Baklava may seem like a big bad scary dessert to tackle, but it's fairly simple (if time consuming). My first experience making it was for - get this - a group of very lovely women (my wife included) at a photo shoot for belly dancers. This dessert seemed the perfect compliment to such an occasion so I did what you're doing right now: I searched the web for a good road map to making my first batch. I printed off directions from several sources and went at it. It turned out that one of the dancers brought her Albanian mother to the shoot. After trying my baklava this sweet elderly woman sought me out and, in a thick accent, told me that "it tasted just like her mother made it." I melted. Literally. I mean, I'm sitting here typing this in my reconstituted form. Good thing too, 'cause now I'm able to share the story of my successes with you!

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