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Have you ever needed a piece of equipment and not had it on hand, but the improvised solution turned out to be superior to what you thought you needed?! This nifty little method is the result of one such occasion. I was making baklava and realized that the pastry brush I was using to apply butter to the pans and philo was shedding fibers. You can imagine my horror! I picked out the fibers as best I could and then cast around the kitchen (and then the house) for another solution. Nothing conventional presented itself, so... "necessity is the mother of invention," as they say, and I haven't purchased another pastry brush since.


  • Parchment Paper
  • Creative "Can Do" Spirit


  • Kitchen Scissors
  • Recipe That Calls For A Pastry Brush


The first step is to tear off a fifteen to twenty-five centimeter (approximately ten inch) sheet of parchment paper. I would not recommend attempting this with wax paper as it's unlikely to hold up and you'll likely shed the wax into the food. In a word, "ewww".

Fold the paper in half width-wise (from side-to-side), and then width-wise again.

Fold it in half length-wise (from top-to-bottom).

Create a lock-and-handle at the top of the creased end by folding each of the corners down (like the start of an American-style paper airplane) and then fold back halfway up the newly created point.

Cut out the seams created on either side of the folds and flaps up to one or two centimeters from the top so that you end up with a "pile" of disconnected flaps all held together by the top fold.

Create "bristles" in your brush by cutting the flaps into three or four strips about a half to one and a half centimeters wide.

Rub the brush "bristles" back and forth across your thumb a few times to separate them out.

Voila! You have a pastry brush that spreads butter or syrup quite nicely and *doesn't* sprinkle little hairs in your culinary masterpiece.

Still doubting? Here's an action shot for ya:


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Genius. Saved the day. What

Genius. Saved the day.

What did we do before google?!? :)

Re: Genius. Saved the day. What


I was a dark and scary time, where people went outside to play, exposing themselves to the harmful rays of that persistent nuclear explosion (a.k.a. The Sun). Also, I think we relied on grandparents to know everything (Google has really taken the load off of them). =oP

Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran

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