This seems to me to be an obvious point to make now, but there was a time when this hadn't occurred to me, so I figured I'd toss this to cyberspace in case it helps someone else out (and maybe make them look oh-so-kewl in the process).

We purchase goods in reusable containers as much as we can, but when this is not possible we settle for recyclable ones. In the latter case it is often necessary to repackage the goods once they are opened for the sake of safety and cleanliness, but this divorces the food from it identifying packaging. Being good computer geeks, we have labels of all shapes and sizes laying around, and at first we would print out a crisp clean tag for each new item and proudly stick it on. It quickly became apparent that the point of diminishing returns was reached before we even loaded the label stock into the printer, so our cupboards were filled with hand scrawled tags. While sufficient, this was not particularly attractive and was certainly not "green" (as the kids are all saying these days). Then I thought to myself, "Self - why not use the labels that came with the packing?" I thought back, "Brilliant! I wish I'D thought of that!" Did I mention I'm a Gemini?


  • Grocery In A Recyclable Package
  • A Little Bit Of Tape


  • Kitchen Scissors
  • Reusable Container Large Enough To Hold The Grocery


So what is a wanna-be raving environmentalist to do? Reduce, reuse, and recycle, of course! Rather than fill the land fills with used up printer labels, I fill them with the packaging I was going to have to dispose of anyway (along with a little tape: shh - don't tell anyone).