Parse Phone Info

This function accepts a phone number as a string and does its best to tear it apart and return the various pieces (e.g. area code, last four, etc.) It returns the phone number in a format specified by the parameters passed in.


Well... When I was a younger lad, one of my favorite jokes to play on folks was to install a program called 'Drip'. This was an 'invisible' TSR that would act at random (but decreasing) time intervals, selecting a character from the screen-map and 'dripping' it down the screen until just before it contacted another character. Of course, this didn't hurt anything, but certainly caused some humorous reactions (e.g. "EEEK! My screen is melting!!").

Simon Says

A simple Simon Says style game for use on a Moterolla HC11 processor.

Link This Page

I required a method of reliably providing a "Link To This Page" in a cross browser and cross OS environment. After searching around on the web, I decided nothing quite fit and so created my own solution. This code should reliably work in Mozilla, IE, and Opera browsers, but should also fail gracefully in any environment where it errors out or cannot find and appropriate "hook".

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