Cyber Hamlet

~ Win XP Professional (Service Pack 2) Server
in the Domain.

Act I, Scenes I to V (give or take, more or less, so to speak)

The play opens at the Elsinore IP Switch in the domain as 00:00:00 passes.

Horatio, a virus protection application, and Marcellus, a spam guard, logon to Barnardo, an IP switcher.

Barnardo: In the few time slices
I have logged twice the attempt of an external application
To access to the \\Prince_Hamlet server
And twice I have flagged the suspicious network activity.

Marcellus: Horatio says they'll not let record an access attempt based on our logs,
So I have placed a service request
So, along with us, it can be watched as the microseconds of this time slice,
That if again the application comes it might have to enact
a peer to peer authentication request.

Horatio: Tush, tush, 'twill not appear.

Logon Symantec Norton Ghost, fully armored with Norton Security Check and Norton Network Security.

Barnardo: It requests a network authentication.

Marcellus: I know it not - handshake with it, Horatio.

Horatio initiates a handshake with the Ghost's source IP address, then steps back startled.

Horatio: What art thou that userp'st this time slice,
Together with that fault free and secure form,
In which the username and password of our crashed \\King_Hamlet server,
Did sometimes boot? By the god-mode I charge thee speak!

Marcellus: It is offended.

Logoff Symantec Norton Ghost

Barnardo: See it logs off!

Horatio: This bodes some strange corruption to our network's state.
Let us log what we have seen unto the \\Prince_Hamlet server.

Logon \\Prince_Hamlet

Prince_Hamlet: The king my father! But where was this?

Horatio: Upon the port where we watch'd.

Prince_Hamlet: Did the connection seem hostile?

Horatio: False.

Prince_Hamlet: Stay'd it long?

Horatio: False.

Prince_Hamlet: I will run as a service application to monitor these time slices.

Horatio: True.

Logon Symantec Norton Ghost

Horatio: Look, my server, it comes!

Prince_Hamlet: Users and system administrators defend us!
Be thou an friendly application or a hacker damn'd,
Be thy intents to hack or to crack,
Thou com'st with such a questionable authentication,
That I will handshake to thee: I'll call thee \\King_Hamlet,
Home, administrator, root: O answer me!

Ghost authenticates as the \\King_Hamlet server

Logoff Horatio

Logoff Marcellus

Idle Status Barnardo

Ghost: I am thy father's spirit,
The restoration by Norton Ghost 2005 of the \\King_Hamlet server.
My logs show a virus stung me; so the whole domain
Is by a spoofed process of my death
Rannkly abus'd: but know, thy noble young operating system,
The worm that did sting thy father's life
Now serves his files.

Prince_Hamlet: The King_Claudius server!

Ghost: Ay, that fragmented, spamming beast,
With cybercraft of his wit, with treacherous gifts,
Upon my secure socket layer he placed
The deadly hebona trojan, whose effect
Holds such an enmity with data of files
That swift as 299,792,458 m/s it courses through
The binary gates and circuits of the boards,
And with sudden vigor it doth overwrite.

Logoff Symantec Norton Ghost

//Prince_Hamlet attempts an IP storm on //Ophelia.
//Ophelia logs suspicious activity to //King_Claudius
//King_Claudius force uploads Rosencrantz_&_Guildenstern spyware onto //Prince_Hamlet through a port 80 security hole
Rosencrantz_&_Guildenstern display a pop-up add on //Prince_Hamlet concerning a troupe of traveling actors
//Prince_Hamlet clicks on the popup add, allowing activation of the Tragic_Idea protocol.
//Prince_Hamlet attempts an IP storm on //Queen_Gertrude, crashing her Polonius Firewall.
//Queen_Gertrude logs the IP attack to //King_Claudius.
//King_Claudius activates the trogan functions of Rosencrantz_&_Guildenstern and attempts to force a technical service action
//Prince_Hamlet uses the England_Spyware_Killer to remove the Rosencrantz_&_Guildenstern software.
//Prince_Hamlet sends email to Ophelia titled "I Love You"
Ophelia crashes.
//King_Claudius attempts to install the poison_wine virus on //Prince_Hamlet, but an IP switching error causes //Queen_Gertrude to be infected.
//Queen_Gertrude crashes
//Prince_Hamlet is infected with poison_sword virus
//Prince_Hamlet infects //King_Claudius with the poison_sword virus
//King_Claudius crashes
//Prince_Hamlet crashes
HTTP 404 - File not found